This was the legend that lead up to the sundering. This prophecy has been fulfilled.


As darkness finds stead,

A star will arise,

With two on the drey,

And one in the skies.

Born bright as the star,

But cursed by the same,

Tragedy follows through wild and tame.

The silver-chain shines

On pelt nearly-white,

Forged by the youngling, the stray, and the night.

The weight of the drey

Held fast by the chain

Defended by tears

Of loss and great pain.

But through blood and tears,

A hero is born

To reconquer the drey

Tainted by storm:

Falling of the heart,

Leading it astray,

Tearing it asunder:

Releasing the drey.

As silver-chain shatters,

All aerkind will call,

"The dark one has come to conquer us all."

Not darkness, but light

From silver-chain's glow:

Drey from the ashes,

Dark howlsong below.

The dreystar glows red

Through broken chain's cry,

Snuff dark from the drey,

Blaze light in the sky.

Dashed land will be cleansed

Of darkness-unknown

Yet by dark's own paws,

Relieved of its throne.

By vagabond's song,

Old soul's gentle kiss,

Silver-chain mended

Through blood in the mist.

World once asundered,

Will shine with new light,

As dreystar returns

To glow in the night.

Through silver-chain's god,

The new sight begins.

Hear rings of sweet dreysong,

"The light from within."