Art by Aurrie.

Little One, Little One,

Better do as you're told,

Or later on he'll come,

Before the night is old.

Come right in through the window,

Not a noise he'll make,

Shadow pawsteps cross the room,

Lithe and deadly as a snake.

Take you by the neck,

And steal you from your bed,

To his haunted hiding place,

A place quite full of dread.

Fashion you a brand new skin,

Made of paw and fang and fur,

And while your tears turn to whimpers,

Pa and I won't stir.

Little One, Little One,

Please do as I say,

Or by tommorow you'll be an airla,

Forever and a day.

- Written by Aurrie and Rei-Azalia, a nursery rhyme used by man to frighten small children into behaving.