Sundast labeled


Often rumored to be nothing but barren desert, Sundast is actually a very bountiful land, housing the most exotics fruits, plants, and wildlife within its eastern rainforests. A wide variety of unusual desert-dwelling plantlife can also be found within Kuden, causing the landscape to look more like an unusual, low-growing, twisted forest than a blank desert canvas. The same cannot be said for the Badlands, which is, in fact, as barren as the rumors say about the rest of the land.


Coming from the west, the continent is a flatland with only a single mountain chain running from the mid-west to the south of the continent. Yet from the east, rivers, forests, and hills pepper the land. The two sides are as different as night and day,  there is a remainant of its rocky origins from when the continents shattered and collided during the Sundering.

Points of InterestEdit

The Badlands, much like Listhrea's Shadowlands, is an island steeped in legend, fear, and mystery, said to contain only the hardiest and most vicious of creatures. Little to no plantlife dwell in its reaches, and water is scarce, limited to the very few trickling streams and reservoirs. 


It's about a 50/50 split between dry, hot desert and humid, warm rainforest on this hot continent. If one doesn't include the frosted south. Frostail and Winterclutch Island are both frozen tundras scattered with everfrost trees and shrubbery.