Siyari labeled


Siyari is often seen as a frozen wasteland; however, this is far from the truth. A 400-mile-by-2,000-mile stretch of land on its southern border named Wyldewind is as temperate as much of Hasseran , experiencing all four seasons, though their summers are cooler than most. Many families and villages displaced from Hassava valley during the Sundering found themselves in this stretch of land, taking advantage of its bountiful fruit orchards and plentiful rivers and ponds.


A very hilly region, much of Siyari consists of mountains and valleys, the highest in the world being found in the frozen north. Travel is made difficult by the terrain, and so much of its inhabitants remain in the pockets of flatland found in the south and west.

Points of InterestEdit

The Northern Dreyscar, a reminant of the Sundering, can be found in the Southeast corner of the continent. This massive canyon is home to millions of, beasts who have been warped by the magistorms and wild magics that still rage through its walls.


Though not a warm region by any means, only 70% of Siyari is set in permafrost throughout the year. The aforementioned Wyldewind region is a moderate-temperate region, experiencing both dry and wet seasons, experiencing mild summers, but bitter winters.

Major SettlementsEdit

None in active play. Settlements may be added by members as having been here previously.