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(rih-KEE-tah), pl Rikkita

A small tree-dwelling rodent, common to many regions in Dreyrull. It averages about five inches long in body length, the length of its bushy tail doubling its overall length. Its long, flexible ears and huge round eyes enable it to detect nearby danger, and its nimble acrobatic skills help it to avoid its natural predators. Rikkita are rather playful, scampering around in tree branches or gliding limb to limb with the skin flaps that extend between their legs. They are known for making quite a chatter when disturbed, and serve as an intruder alert system for their local ecosystem.

Rikkita come in a wide variety of natural, earthy hues, primarily in shades of brown with markings in brown, black, or white.


An herbivore, its diet consists primarily of small fruits and nuts. It is able to store and carry food in cheek pockets within its mouth, a useful attribute as it tends to cache extra food in a special hiding spot for later.


Common to Sereven, Obatar, and other wooded lands, it is one of the most widely spread and adaptable creatures on Dreyrull. Able to live in both temperate and tropical regions, they are typically not found in the cold wilds of Siyari and North Jiskadar.

Lore & CultureEdit

The small, entertaining Rikkita is one of the common novelty pets kept by humans, and also bonds well to Draians as a familiar. Spirit Rikkita that serve as guardians are far more colorful than the earth-hued live variety.

As Familiars

As Guardians