Plated deer

The domestic plated deer.


The Plated Deer is the second most common domesticated beast of burden. Their powerful muscles in their legs, neck, and shoulders allow them to pull greater amounts than the common ordo; and thus are common mounts for merchants and vagabonds. They are also the primary mount chosen by warriors due to their thick plated hides and ability to last longer in a fight. The Plated Deer are also capable of being a second line of defense with well-sharpened horns and spikes on their hides.


The Plated Deer are herbivores, feeding mostly on common grass and grain. Fruits and vegetables are welcome variety in their diets; though too much sugar from such plants can cause serious stomach problems and indigestion. 


As the years continue, the Plated Deer is becoming more and more rare in the wild, and is more often found domesticated. Those that remain in the wild are found high in the mountains, grazing on rocky slopes and making their dens within narrow caves and crevices.