Around Dreyrull are 7 planes of existence. Here, I will talk about 3 of them. The other 4? They're lost to the great mystery...


Dreya'ka: The Physical PlaneEdit

This is where all life exists physically. Dreya'ka is simply the technical, spiritual term for "physical world."

Sevli'ka: The Spirit PlaneEdit

The realm of the dead, this is where spirits go to rest, both between their lives and in the afterlife. It's said to be beautiful, rich in color to those in their final rest, filled with islands and a vast, swimmable ocean. But those who trespass while living, and those that intentionally kill themselves see it as a dank, colorless place, with wailing, wispy forms drifting aimlessly; a realm of complete despair.

Marle'ka: The Astral PlaneEdit

Marlaka is a plane of pure consciousness. It is composed of the collective thoughts of all sentient, thinking creatures of dreyrull; of their memories, dreams, and even their fears. Both great beauties and great dangers roam this warped version of the true Dreyrull, along with traveling spirits existing both on Dreyaca and Sevlica. It is an in-between world, and said to be the first realm you pass into upon death, and the realm you wander in your dreams.