Pilu are a wide variety of dreyrulian songbirds. There are thousands of species of pilu on dreyrull, but all share some similarities. They are small, flighted, timid birds, and most (though not all) have very beautiful songs. Pilu are very popular pets among both humans and furr, and are also common familiars to draian aershaa. There is little wonder why this is the case; they both look and sound attractive and are very peaceful animals. In the wild, they and their eggs may fall prey to larger birds, snakes, felines, and other predators. Male and female pilu have similar sizes and temperaments, though males may become more aggressive during the breeding season. During the breeding season, male pilu stake out their territories, compete with other males, and attract females. In most species of pilu, the males remain with their mate to help build the nest and raise the chicks. A very few species remain mates for life.


Pilu come in all the colors of the rainbow, and more. Bright yellows, reds, blues, as well as less blinding whites, blacks, and browns are most commonly seen, however. Female pilu tend to have a more drab appearance, more often appearing in shades of brown, but there are some exceptions to this. Males are almost always very colorful.


Other than the differences in color, many species of pilu look much the same. However, there are a few species where, usually the male, have some very noticeable differences. Pilu with feathery crests on their heads and longer, flashier tail feathers are the most common varieties.


Pilu eat berries, nuts, seeds, and insects. Some kinds of pilu are pollinators and drink nectar from flowers. Many species migrate during the winter in order to avoid the cold and the lack of food, but some (and even individuals within a species) brave the harsher seasons.


Pilu may be found on every continent and, indeed, almost anywhere in Dreyrull but the harshest deserts and the coldest arctics. Northern pilu have thicker layers of feathers and come in shades of white to help blend into their snowy surroundings, while southern pilu in the plains and deserts and are usually brown or have a sandy hue. Most species pilu live in forests and meadows, and these kinds of pilu are the ones you'll usually see in the home of humans and furr, as they are the most colorful. Most species of pilu will migrate to the south in winter and head back north in warmer seasons.

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