Bod draiah
In common belief, Mother Draiah is the spirit of Dreyrull itself. Some envision her as a green aershaa, entangled in vines and decorated in flowers of unimagineable beauty, while others see her as a massive plated deer with the hands of a furr. In truth, Mother Draiah has no appearance but the appearance of the world itself. She is the conscious energy in all things and the governing spirit behind its movement. As all things that exist are energy, so Mother Draiah is part of all things. 

A second, less common belief is in the unconscious spirit of Mother Draiah. These people believe that she is simply a force that is; an undeniable connection that binds all things on Dreyrull. This is the knowledge that anything negative you do can and will come back to you through her great web. In this imagining of Mother Draiah, she is often represented as a spider.