Listhrea labeled


Listhrea is mostly composed of a floating chain of islands, hovering between a half-mile to a mile from the seabed. Though the exact science behind it is unknown, it's said to be the high concentrations of Levistone  that keep it afloat. Residents there hold the power of flight either by means of pedalwind technology - pedal-and-propeller powered bikes and baskets - or born flight. The population largely consists of Skybourne, Mozu, and Listhrean Water aershaa; with no human or Lekkir inhabitants to date.


Once a protected, warless land, Listhrea's protective barriers have fallen in recent years. Its people continue to strive to protect the sacred hateless, bloodless ways, but ever-so-slowly, the outside world has begun to notice its presence; creeping into the higher lands by whatever means possible...


Listhrea is mainly composed of grasslands, with only a single, low-reaching mountain range to speak of. It is littered with small lakes and rivers, fed by the frequent rainfall and run-off from the mountains, and holds two major forests - one on the main island, and one in the Shadowlands.

Points of InterestEdit

  • The Shadowlands are said to be an island of outcasts. Always in shadow, this island is littered with dense brush and forests, home to creatures that love the dark and loathe the sunlight. Only rumors have been heard about sapient life breaching its shoreline...


Listhrea is often rainy and humid. Though located in the central-northern reaches in the world, it sits in a warm current, and has never seen a flake of snow in all of its existence.

Major SettlementsEdit

Though un-named, the main villages of the Skyborne and Mozu are located within Listhrea's isles.