Furrs and humans are not all that different in their base beliefs. One learned from the other, or the other learned from one - who knows. But somewhere along the way, the multiple religions of the world shared a few points: life, death, and soul.

All things come from water, and to water, all things return. To Heroshians , water is the force of God: God's will is carried on the rain, and the sea is the guardian of the Promised Land. To Terrakind and to many Draiah -worshiping furrs, water is the tears of Draiah. It gives the living force to everything. The sea itself is the realm of the dead.

To all of these branches, you come into being with fire in your soul. Without this fire, you "drown in your own waters" - a phrase used to describe madness. It's said that those who go mad have had their flame doused, and are often burnt to be "saved in death."

The embodiment of death is Time. To Heroshians, Time is God's great servant. To Terrakind, Time is Draiah's perfect opposite and closest companion. Time is always watching for God/Draiah. There's no escaping time, as it will always find you eventually. Anger one's respective god, and Time will see you and take you away.