Levistone is a naturally occurring Dreyrullian mineral, with negative and positive attributes like a magnet. It is the source for the floatation of the Listhrean islands and enables genuine flight in fliir and many dense-boned creatures like aershaa and dragons.


Coming in varieties of deep to light pink and purple, as well as completely clear, levistone has an almost quartz-like appearance. It tends to be found deeply buried within larger geological structures and other mineral deposits. Dislodging small pieces of levistone will cause them to drift on the wind, though a large enough piece will not lift by itself.


Found in trace amounts all over Dreyrull, including at the microscopic level in most plants and animals, levistone is a wide-spread mineral. It is found most densely in Listhrea, said to be the cause of the floating island continent's lift.

Lore & Culture

Though there is little lore of the mineral, it is of great cultural importance to the Mozu, who use levistone to create transportation devices like windboards, craft it into unusual floating jewelry, and the Fel of Listhrea who created pedalwind technology with its aid.

Properties & Uses

Though much of how levistone works is an unsolved mystery of science, levistone is known to have a negative and positive polar charge that can attract and repel other pieces of levistone like magnets. However, they do not attract or repel anything else - levistone does not interact with metals or other minerals.