(lah-PEER); Pl lappir.

A medium sized creature with long ears, large powerful hind legs and feet, and a set of centrally placed, sharp incisors. It is a popular prey animal for aershaa, furrs, and humans, as well as larger dreysnakes, bohar, and various other carnivorous creatures. It is also skinned for its fur, which makes a fine lining for winter garments or a lovely decorative trim.((EXPAND))


An herbivore, it feeds almost exclusively on grasses, small shrubs, and certain kinds of leafy vegetables. ((EXPAND))


It can be found in virtually any terrain or climate, its fur color and thickness adapting to camouflage it and protect it from the elements.

Lore & CultureEdit

((EXPAND)) Sometimes raised for meat and fur by humans and furrs.

As a Familiar

As a Guardian