The korians are omnivorous desert rodents found in mostly in southwest Kuden. They are much like the kangaroo rat, except for their long claws that never stop growing, long tail, and ability to be as flexible as a snake. They use the spike at the end of their tail to inject a poison contained in the bulbous tip. Most commonly, it is a defense mechanism, but certain variations of the korian use it as a hunting technique. The cure for the poison is unknown. Ranging from the mass of a hamster to a big-boned rabbit, the smaller the korian, the deadlier its poison. Colors usually range from dark brown to orange-red. The darker a male, the stronger and healthier he is. Only one black korian has ever been recorded, and is known as the "Black Death."


Omnivorous desert rodents.


Southwest Kuden, near the Tolbass Mountains.

Lore & CultureEdit

The smaller korians usually hunt down prey larger than themselves, while the less aggressive ones get a substantial meal from the Spiny Tasit Fruit, which they also use to wear their claws down. They typically range in group sizes from 5-18 and either burrow their own tunneling system or annex one from another unfortunate creature. Breeding is usually from late winter to the middle of spring, with females fighting over males. Litters comprise 4-5 pups, and usually it's the dominant one that gets its first kill.