Rather than a means of speaking in RP, this is meant to be used as a way to create names for your Lekkir characters, as it is not yet a fluent language. Words below are a combination of user-submitted words and original words of the language.

> Names are created out of multiple words by compounding them with apostrophes. When spoken, it's like a short breath or break between syllables.

> Often, to make a word plural, you add "-en" to it. Alternatively, "-iir" or "-ir".

> To make a word into an action, add "Tsa-" to the beginning of the word. Example: Kalit is to soar, while Tsakalit is soaring.

> 'Nis is a realm of being. Example: Miir is to be free, while Miir'nis is freedom. Salo'me is to be a mother, but Salo'me'nis is motherhood.

>Often, in compounding, double letters become single, as the sound becomes shorter in speech.

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Aershaa - Ven'seva (Windsinger; plural ven'seviir)

Air - Veea

All-for / United (used in clan naming) - 'Tet

Always - Yen

Awaken (To breathe life into) - Merne

Appen (the dreyrullian apple) - A'krut

Ash/Ashes - Hu'no


Battle - Baalit

Bird - Pi'lu (Aer and furrkind borrowed this word for songbirds)

Black- Bo (also the word for negative energy)

Blind - Dere

Blinded - Deren

Blue - Vuul

Bright - Fia

Brown - Sorl


Create (to) - Vaa'ra

Cherished Deeply (something / someone that is) - Ho'olaua'e

Color - Ala

Colored / Colorful - Ahu

Conceal (to) - Set'a

Concealed (to be) - Seth

Coward - Kille

Curse (As in a magical hex/ jinx) - Hrot'vex


Day - Det

Death (the essence of) - Sikyu

Dragon - Suaan

Dream (verb; to dream) Lin'ge

Dream (noun; a dream) E'liin

Drey (as in,the drey beneath your feet. We would call it earth.) - Draii


End - Fin'e

Eternal - Shal'aia

Eye - Ou'ra


Faith (noun) - Jeh

Fast - Andi

Fern - Kali

Fierce - Kot

Fire - Fervens

Fish - Luupa

Flower - Nii

Future (of the world) - Lanah

Future (of an individual, or group of people) - J'adok

Free (to be) - Miir

Freedom - Miir'nis

Fur (one's pelt) - Raas

Fur (soft) - Rika

Fluffy / To have soft fur - Rikk

Forest - A'rok

Frost - Mraz


Gentle (by nature) - Sa

Gift - Eshen

Green - Gress

Grey - Roa (also the word for balance in energy)

Guardian - Halios


Happy (to be) - A'ra

Happiness - Ara'niis

Have (verb, to have) - Wha

Heart (of the body) - Klik

Heart (of the essence - for example, where love comes from.) - Yar'ek

He - Ka (K' when used in compound.)


In (place) - Na' (same word for "of")

In (state of being) - Alli



Kit (a baby/ young Lekkir) - Liibi


Leaves (the sound that they make when rustling) - Kia'tia

Light (from the sun) - Luu'a

Light (of heart, of spirit) - Eyiiwa

Little - Killi

Live (verb; to live) - A'en

Living (when paired with another noun) - A'

Lost - Suto

Love (to love, in fondness / friendship) - Met'ta / Met

Love (to love, in family) - Kr'ete

Loyal (to be) - Vrae

Loyalty - Vreaetch


Mate (verb; to mate) - Rae'k

Mating - Rae'ktun

Moon - Mo'ro

More (in relation to time) - Tikot

Mother - Saalo

Mother (to be, or become a mother) - Salo'me

Motherhood - Salo'me'nis


No - En'


Of - 'Et / Na' / U' (U' is more formal than Na', and more meaningful. If someone is of the trees, using u', the trees are a very part of their soul. 'Et and Na' are interchangeable depending on context and rhythm. 'Et is placed after a noun, while Na' is placed before.)

One (referring to an individual) - Ais'a (Ais' when compounded in a name.)

Orange - Davev


Paw - Pahn

Pink - Hava

Play (v)' '- Tous

Poison - Nek



Rain - Luri

Rainbow - Eshen'na'luri (Gift of the rain)

Rear-end - Haa'n

Red - Razen


Sea - Res

See (to) - ​Muru

Shadow - Ki (plural: Kiir)

Shelter (to give or take) - Keta

Shelter (a roof, a cave, etc) - Ka'e

Sight - Muur

Sight (Sight as in insight, and sight as in seeing beyond the material world.) - Zaidya'kuo'mele

Silent (to be) - Shi

Silent (formal) - Vaik

Silence (of the voice) - Shia'nis

Silence (of an area) - Bastion

Sing (verb, to sing) - Sev

Sky - Iia

Soar (verb; to soar) - Kalit

Song - S'va

Soul - A'il / Sal'vin (There are multiple words for soul in the lekkir language based on context and its level. In the Lekkir beliefs, there are five layers of the soul.)

Spirit (of a living being) - Beelu (In most Dreyrullian cultures, the spirit is the collective essence of a single lifetime; a life's memories, personality, experiences and thoughts, rather than the collection of all energy and lifetimes that the soul has.)

Spirit (a ghost / resonating memory) - Vai'a

Star - Fia (plural: Fiir)

Step (noun, a step) - At

Stone - H'rok

Strength (of body) - Von

Strong (to be; of heart - referring to bravery) - Vek

Sun - Zun

Swear (as in to swear upon something.) - Dela (Past tense: Delen)


Tail - Reffa

Thorn - Kan (Kana plural)

Thunder & Lightning - Baalit'lia (Skybattle)

Together - Tika

To - Y'



Venom / Poison - Nek

Victory - Siir

Violet - Xula

Voice - Miria


Wait (verb; to wait) - Saa (Waits - Saama)

Warrior / Fighter - Mer'na

Water - Laata

White - Ya (also the word for positive energy)

Who (referring to an individual, not the question) - Dor

Wish (noun; a wish) - A'ben

Wind - Ven

Winter - Zimsko

Wish (verb, to wish) - A'yen

With - En / An

Without - S'enza



Yellow - Aiz