Khan's Bane is a toxic mineral that is found widespread in the Underdrey. Prolonged exposure to it is known to cause mutations in aershaa, and birth defects and fur loss in lekkir. Humans and furrs are immune to its effects.


Usually found in only trace amounts in plants and animals within the Underdrey, little is known about its appearance. There is a certain purplish-black stone said to be its raw essence, but so far, most who have come upon it are too reluctant to examine the ominous stone to find out - the risks of touching that high of a concentration of the substance are far too great. Even a human or furr could react to too much of it in ways yet unknown.


Khan's Bane is widespread in the Underdrey, but has yet to be discovered in the surface world, appearing to only exist in the deep layers of the Drey's crust.

Lore & Culture

The name "Khan's Bane" originated with the earliest aershaa explorers of the Underdrey, who belonged to a fearsome Khan-loyal pack. They became trapped, the cave and tunnel systems becoming their permanent home and, eventually, their final resting place. Their offspring became the first of a long line of Underdrey mutants. Their belief was that Khan had cursed them for their wicked ways, and it was the very poison sent by their great god that ran through their veins and mutated their bodies. Aershaa do not know that Khan's Bane is a mineral, only that it is something unseeable that permeates the Underdrey, causing the mutation "curse." It is this poison-curse that most of them believe is the source of mutations that they are referring to when they speak of "Khan's Bane."

Properties & Uses

There are no viable uses for Khan's Bane. It is a poison to varying degrees, depending on the individual race in question; highly toxic to Lekkir, a mutagen in aershaa, and doing nothing to Mankind but giving serious digestive problems, and doing nothing at all to furrs, all but for the strangely aershaa-like Dreklegar, who can gain mild mutations from prolonged exposure and consumption.