Kahenae (Kahena singular) are mostly placid, peaceful herbivores resembling the giant dinosaurs from Earth. They most closely resemble a mix of the Iguanodon with Ankylosaur armor plating. Two variations of the tail are known to exist; a club tail and a spike tail. They can walk on all fours or their hind legs. Usually living in herds, some individuals are known to exist, but these rarely survive for long on their own without the safety of a herd. Their colors are usually browns and greens, though males are known to have a colorful 'horn/crest', of which are usually in bright sunset/sunrise colors. The meat is safe to eat and, if properly cured, their skin & armor plating can be used as armor/weapons/leather, etc.


Herbivores, mainly leaves, shrubs, fruits and herbs.


Forested areas.

Lore & CultureEdit

To be determined.