Jiskadar labeled


Jiskadar is, by far, the most human-populated continent on Dreyrull. As mankind's population increases, the wild population of aershaa decreases.

It is, however, also the most diverse continent on the face of the planet, with its surface stretching from the northern to southern hemispheres of the world, each segment experiencing seasons at different times of the year. (See also: Calendar)


Though densely forested in most places, Jiskadar has a wide variety of landscapes.

  • Mountains and valleys can be found creating a barrier between North-Central Jiskadar and Driska, as well as lining the cape on the eastern shoreline.
  • Urvaz - often argued to be a continent on its own, as it's separated from the rest of Jiskadar by a vast channel - is entirely composed of swamplands, rainforests, and wetlands. 
  • Jiskadar is home to many islands, most unnamed as of yet. The southernmost island chain is a common traveler's pass, making both aershaa flight and two-legged vesseled travel much easier with consistent resting points.


Climate varies vastly depending on location, as the continent stretches much of the length of the globe. While Driska is a perma-frosted tundra, Central Jiskadar is a temperate middle-ground, cold, warm, damp, or dry depending on the time of the year. Urvaz, on the other hand, is most commonly humid and warm.

Major SettlementsEdit

  • Jiskadar is home to the first - and still most powerful - human city in the world, New Timbervast, located a few dozen miles east of the western shoreline in Central Jiskadar.