Ginga chicken

A standard white Ginga, being intelligent.


The Gingafowls (or Ginga(s) for short) are not a very "bright" kind of fowl. Domestication and heavy over-breeding caused this fowl species to become, in essence, pea brains. The Gingas are owned by farmers on the outskirts of cities on Jiskadar, and also within villages in the plains of Hasseran. They incubate eggs for morning meals, and they are also meals themselves! When a farmer has dubbed the Ginga to have come to the end of its life, it then becomes the main dish at dinner that night. Gingafowls prefer to live in small coops with at least one, if not two or more, other Ginga. It gives a sense of the whole "safety in numbers" concept that they put into good use. They flee from predators and farmers alike, as that is their nature: skittish and wary.


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