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Customs and BeliefsEdit

In the vast snowy wilderness of Siyari, they believe that there is nothing more important than survival and family. When you are in this place, you can feel the connectedness between the members, but they are all individuals with each of their own likes, dislikes, and opinions. When joining the pack, it is customary for the Ice to have a trial that Andromeda and his second in command, the Beta (in this case, Och), put together to determine if the Ice is worthy or not of being with the pack in the mountains, where the terrain only gets more dangerous and lives are put into danger more often. With the threat of avalanches, steep cliffs, and the occasional strong animal, the Ice must be tested to show that they can not only survive the wilderness, but that they show the determination and pride that is so common in Ices. More to come.


Siyari lg


They live in the vast mountain range of Siyari, ranging from the lower peaks to the valleys below. It is a cold and harsh climate, but it's nothing for the Ices. Humans that are well equipped and bonded to a fellow pack member may join, as well as any Furr that wishes to join the pack.

Members & RanksEdit

Alpha: Andromeda Beta: Och Guardian: Thethunninang Scout: Shi'elle Omega: Pirtuk Human Guide: Rayna (bonded to Andromeda)

Pack ThreadEdit

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