The fox'x (pronounced fox-ix) is a feline species of Dreyrull closely related to the bohar, rather than being canine like the fox we know. Swift, clever, and primarily nocturnal, fox'x are adept hunters of the night, and can be thanked by farmers all over the drey for keeping the rodent population down.

They come in cold-climate, warm-climate, and temperate varieties, the length and color of their fur changing for each, and can be found almost anywhere in the world, excluding wetlands and swamps.

Coloration & Coat

Northern - Northern fox'x are found in varieties of pure white and grey, and are the only species of fox'x sporting a mane tracing from their forehead to their shoulderblades. The mane is said to not only add extra protection from the frigid temperatures of the north, but also disguises the fox'x amongst the snowdrifts and pale-grey snowgrass of Siyari.

Plains / Forest - Fox'x found in temperate climates have a widely varied range of colors and markings, coming in all sort of earth tones. They can be spotted, banded, patched, or plain, depending on the subspecies.


As carnivorous night hunters of a rather small stature, their diet consists primarily of birds and small mammals. Forest dwellers near the rivers are also known to be excellent fishers.


Unlike the Earthen fox, fox'x are tree-dwellers, not den-diggers, able-bodied at climbing and scaling tall trees. Only the northern fox'x will dig dens in the cliffsides and frozen drifts.

==Lore & Culture==