348320 blue flower

Fluorescent "Happy" Flow

Fluorescence Beatus Flora, or Fluorescent "Happy" Flow, has the peculiar ability to instill an instantaneous happy emotion with its scent alone. This emotion can either overwhelm an Aershaa so that they linger, or cause it enough discomfort to move along.


This very sweetly scented flower is found primarily in bright blues and purples, with small yellow dots that scatter across the petals. It has the mysterious fluorescent glow that is common to the Sereven plants, which makes it slightly luminescent in the dark.


This flower can only be found in the vast jungle of Sereven, as it can only survive where there is frequent precipitation as well as humidity. It grows mainly under the canopies of trees, near tree trunks, or just off the bank of a river. It is most common closer to the beaches.

==Lore & Culture==

This is mainly used by Draians as a decorative piece behind the ear or on a necklace. Both males and females wear the flower for a number of reasons. Its ability to lift emotions with its scent means it is used often in courtship rituals, either worn by a Draian seeking a mate, or given to another as a proposition or gift.


The leaves of the plant are used as a medicine to cure stomach illness. Its roots make a great main ingredient in stew.

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