Drix, or "Jay Dragons" - named for their small appearance and jay-like cry - are distant cousins to the giant feral dragons of the mountains, forests, and valleys. They are far more amphibious in appearance, despite being reptiles, and have a thick, sleek hide rather than scales. Their teeth are small, but sharp, built for crushing the shells of insects and tearing the skin of smaller reptiles, while the remainder of their jaw is hard and flat, making the pulverization of both fruit and soft flesh easy. There are varieties found in the water, which are smaller with sleek outer skin coated in a layer of mucus. The color of a drix depends on its region. Drix found in the rainforest are often brightly colored, warning predators of the poisonous nature of their hides, speckled and striped in bright blues, greens, yellows, and reds with accents of black. The non-poisonous forest drix are of darker, more earthy tones of dull yellow, browns, greens, and tans, typically banded, speckled, or spotted. Water-dwelling drix are found only in greys, blues, and bluegreens with the occasional brighter green or yellow accent, and are most commonly solid-colored or speckled.


All drix are omnivores. Forest and Rainforest drix are known to eat hard-shelled insects and tough fruit. Farmers consider them pests to their crops, as they both devour what disturbs the crops and the crops themselves. Water-dwelling drix eat smaller fish and sweet seaweed.


As aforementioned, drix come in 3 varieties. All of these varieties are adapted to warm weather, and will perish in colder regions. Tree-Glider Drix dwell in forested regions, and will migrate during the cold seasons of the year. They are typically found in the forests of sourthern Hasseran and southern Jiskadar. Poison-Flesh Drix are rainforest-dwellling drix, found only in Sereven. Sleek-Skinned Drix, living in the shallows and the muddy banks of both rivers and lakes, are found in Sereven, Hasseran, and the greener regions of Sundast.

Lore & CultureEdit

Drix are valued, but rare, companion familiars of the Draians, treasured for their defensive skills and sapient intelligence.