The plantlife of Dreyrull is diverse, with ecosystems ranging from harsh deserts to temperate forests, icy tundras to steamy jungles, open plans to boggy swamps. Here you can find a partial listing of plants that are in use as food, medicine, poison, hazzard, or just plain ambiance.

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Food Plants

Here is a partial listing of the various plants used as food by humans, furr, aershaa, and famiil.

Appen - Apple like fruit, wild and cultivated.

Blade Leaf - Fibrous plant eaten by herbivores. Wild.

Cob Grass - A tail, broad-leafed plant that produces a tight head of yellow grains arranged on a cob. Cultivated.

Dragon Tongue - A variety of small, twisty, pepper-like fruits. Range from mildly spicy to fire hot. Wild and cultivated.

Duskroot - A hardy, dark purple root vegetable. When raw, it has a firm, lightly sweet flavor. It softens and becomes richer when baked or boiled.

Fangberry (Khan's Tooth) - A pale, cream-colored fruit with thick flesh that is slightly bitter unless boiled, then it becomes lightly spicy. Good for stews. Wild, cultivated.

Fluorescent "Happy" Flow - Roots and leaves are good for stew. (Sereven only.) Wild.

Laspika - Pearlike fruit, wild and cultivated.

Snapperberry - A tart, juicy purple fruit with a touch of sweetness, used as garnish and popular in pies. Wild.

Snowberry - A white berry with a lightly sweet taste, grows from a small scraggly plant (Siyari).

Snowgrass - A shrub eaten by herbivores. Wild.

Sunfruit - A variety of tree-growing citrus fruits (named for the radial segments when sliced open) that come in a range of reds, orange, and yellow hued flesh.

Sugar Root - A root vegetable, orange-brown in hue, with a sweet, starchy taste. Popular in stews, as a side dish, or in a pie.

Sungrass - A tall grass that produces a bright golden sheaf of edible grain, used for pasta and bread. Wild and cultivated.

Sweet Bark - A cane grass with a sugary stem. Wild.

Tailgrass - A wild grass predominant on the plains, that produces sheafs of dark brown grains. When winnowed, the seed inside is off-white.

Medicinal Plants

A partial listing of plants with established medicinal benefits, though they can also be dangerous when used improperly.

Cirfloxil (Poihi) - Mostly smoked, used as an upper, pain reliever, and appetite suppressant. Poisonous for human oral consumption when raw.

Blade Leaf - Amplifies the healing properties of other herbal remedies.

Gogi Pod - The nectar can provide a euphoric feeling when consumed, and minimize the need for food and water intake for a period of time. But it can also have unexpected and very dangerous side effects.

Pawberries (Draiah's Paw) - The leaves, when crushed, can be used as pain relievers and fever reducers, taken orally or applied as a poultice. The white (immature) berries are a good antidote for hallucinogens. The partially mature pink berries can be used as a sleep, but are dangerous in large quantities or if used long term.

Fluorescent "Happy" Flow - Leaves are good for indigestion. (Sereven only.)

Poisonous Plants

A partial listing of plants that are dangerous when consumed, with limited or no medicinal benefit.

Bone Fern - A carnivorous plant with seed pods that have a hallucinogenic effect when consumed. The seeds are poisonous in higher quantities.

Gogi Pod - Initial stage of the plant is toxic, and can be used as a lethal poison. The nectar, though edible, can have a variety of harmful side effects.

Pawberries (Draiah's Paw) - The red (ripe) berries, consumed raw, can induce deep sleep, coma, or death, depending on quantity ingested.

Other Plants

Here is a partial listing of plants that don't meet food, medicinal, or poisonous standards.

Vorfroth - A carnivorous plant kept as a curiosity.

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